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+ MOBILE // UI/UX, mobile app design
+ WEB // website design
App Development by Manhattan Mobile
Site Development by RSPONSIV Web Services

Tutors is an iPhone app that instantly connects students with highly qualified tutors. The Tutors application is broken into two apps: one for students and one for tutors. I am the UI designer for both portions of the app, and I work closey with the Tutors team and developers to determine the best user experience possible. I also designed two different iterations of their website.

Above are several screens from both the Tutors and Tutors admin app. These are from the current design of the app, which is actually a redesign of a previous version I did as well.

Above is the first version of the website I designed, which used interactive elements that highlighted the various features of the app. Because the client decided to redesign and re-launch the app, we replaced the site with a more simple and direct site which is currently live. The new page is below.