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+ MOBILE // UI/UX, Mobile App Design
+ WEB // website design
+ MARKETING // advertisements, decks & more

ThumbChat is a robust mobile chat application, featuring trending content, GIF and meme makers, YouTube and SoundCloud media sharing, custom animated emojis, and more. I am the lead graphic designer (actually, the ONLY designer) for the company. My tasks include mobile and UX design, web design, and graphic design of marketing materials and Facebook and Twitter ads.

App Development by Manhattan Mobile
Site Development by RSPONSIV Web Services

These are just a few of the hundreds of screens and views I designed for ThumbChat. I was tasked with making a clean, modern, and flat design for this mobile messaging app. The main focus was usability; making sure the app was intuitive enough that a user could figure out how to use each feature on the first try. I crafted unique designs for each functionality of the app: content feed, content sharing, chat home, messaging, custom keyboards, contacts lists, finding friends, profiles, GIF maker, meme browser, custom meme generator, voicenote recording, location selector, YouTube sharing, SoundCloud Sharing, and MORE!

After designing all the screens, I had to outline the flow for each function of the app for the developers, detailing desired functionality, transitions, and animations. I then created style guides and slices for each screen, so they could reconstruct it in code to look exactly like my designs.

I designed and contracted the development for the ThumbChat website. This one page scrolling site features the core functions of the app in a succinct and fun way, with interactive CSS animations and animated emojis to keep it fresh.

These are several of the Twitter ads I designed for the marketing campaign. I also designed creatives for Facebook and Instagram ads. Based on analytics and success, ads were adjusted and redesigned as needed.

Additionally, I created infographics, presentations, and decks for distribution to potential partners and investors.

I highly recommend Helen for any of your design needs! She's talented and works extremely hard. I came to her with a terrible idea of what I wanted the app to look like, and she was able to create a coherent, beautiful, and intuitive design. She's a perfectionist and extremely detail oriented. In addition, Helen goes above and beyond what's expected and is a pleasure to work with.

Greig Carlson // CEO of ThumbChat