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+ PRINT // calendar + postcards + brochures + magazine ads + flyers

RailPro is a custom railing contracting company in the Pacific Northwest that custom designs, builds, and installs both commercial and residential railing solutions. I have designed flyers, brochures, ads, and postcards for RailPro. I have also designed a completely custom calendar for this business since 2009, and overseen the printing process for this and their other print materials.

I have designed all of the company's ads and flyers since its opening in 2002.

Every year, RailPro prints and mails out a custom calendar to its clients showcasing the beautiful railing solutions they installed that year. Because the owner wanted this particular 3-month view, I had to design this calendar from scratch on a poster-size print and coordinate with the printer to have it printed and bound to our specifications.

Helen has been designing all of our print projects for RailPro for years. Helen is very creative with her design layouts and extremely detail oriented. She is able to develop multiple options of different and exciting styles to choose from so you'll find your best solution.

Thomas Sugano // President of RailPro