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+ MOBILE // UI/UX, mobile app design
+ IDENTITY // logo design + app icon
App Development by Manhattan Mobile

Poly is a mobile messaging application that makes communication even easier - it translates your messages into your desired language and lets you chat with friends and family all over the world with no international charges. I was tasked with designing their logo and application user interface, as well as contributing to user experience decisions.

The clients wanted a fun color scheme that merged dark greys and blues with the tropical colors from the Poly logo. They asked for something sleek, modern, and easy to use. Above are the principal screens from the app, which showcase the unique color scheme.

The clients chose the name Poly because it represented the two core functionalities of the app - Poly as in Polylingual, and Poly as in Parrots, which are known for their ability to talk and communicate. They were clear that they wanted a parrot, but did not want something cartoony or childish. I designed both their logo and app icon to match their desires.