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+ MOBILE // UI/UX, mobile app design
+ IDENTITY // logo + business card design
+ WEB // website design
App Development by Manhattan Mobile

Flok facilitates the booking of private flights between users and aircraft operators. It allows a user to search for flights, request specific flights, find operators, chat with other potential passengers, book a single seat or a whole aircraft, and more. My goal was to capture the luxurious, exclusive, and sexy feeling of flying on private charter. I designed the mobile app and logo, with a website and business cards to match.

Above are a few of the screens from the app. The dark color scheme, subtle shine accents, and carefully chosen icons convey the opulence of the app.

This graphic shows the original wireframes provided to me by the project manager (the three top screens), and my final designs for each of these screens.

I designed a three page website for Flok that showcases the features and benefits of using Flok. It highlights key app features and shares information to operators regarding partnerships.

Above are several of final logo designs that were under consideration prior to choosing the current logo. Below is the final logo and the CEOs business card which I designed and had printed by my friends over at Popular Printing.