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Curtis Conway is a 12-year NFL veteran and current broadcasted on NFL Networks and the PAC-12 Network. He approached me to design a new fully responsive website that showcases his broadcasting videos, biography, and training... and I delivered just that!

The main things CWay wanted everyone to know about him when visiting his site were that he was a USC Trojan, he played in the NFL for 12 years, and he is a television broadcaster. It was very important to him to have his broadcasting videos on his website, so he could refer people to them easily. He also wanted the site to stay fresh and current, so we built a Wordpress backend that allows it to be easily updated AND will automatically pull in his latest Facebook post to the homepage.

One of the unique pages is a showcase of the players he is currently training. He wanted his kids to have a place to send recruiters and coaches that will show their stats and play their highlight reel.