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Hi! I'm Helen

I am a Los Angeles-based graphic designer.

My love for design dates back to my summer days as a child when I would stay in and create masterpieces in a myriad of complex mediums such as Shrinky Dinks, Sand Art, Spirograph, BeDazzler, and Twirl-o-Paint.

After an epic week at Josten's Yearbook Camp in high school, I knew this was my calling. As Editor-in-Chief, I showed up early and stayed late perfecting each pixel of the award-winning Overlake School Yearbook.

I ventured off to the University of Southern California to obtain a degree in psychology, while picking up a few design jobs here and there. As it became apparent to me that I would not be the second coming of Freud, I began using my open credits to take design courses and started working for an online educational company as a Marketing Assistant (which I morphed into a Graphic Design gig when I learned we were rebranding).

After graduating, I took my skills to the mean streets of Los Angeles, and realized I had a lot of work to do. Luckily, a fellow Trojan hired me to work for a Webby Award Winning interactive design company called Fluidesign. Seeing the graphic design industry first-hand, I knew this was my home.

Hundreds of websites, mockups, and logo comps later, here I am in all my graphic-design glory. I am currently the lead designer for ThumbChat, the best new mobile messaging app on the app store, as well as a number of other apps and websites.